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Infektiologie 1. Jänner 1970

Tuberculous lymphadenitis presenting as inflammatory cervicofacial swelling in a 12-year-old girl

Purpose Tuberculosis has a global incidence with an estimated
1.86 billion people being affected. Tuberculous
lymphadenitis is a chronic specific granulomatous inflammation
with caseation necrosis of the lymph nodes.
This case report highlights a rare presentation of tuberculous
lymphadenitis as an inflammatory swelling in
the preauricular and submandibular regions.
Methods and patient A 12-year-old female patient
presented with two solitary swellings in the right preauricular
and right submandibular regions which had
been present for 1 week. Both swellings were 2 × 2 cm
in size with signs of inflammation of the overlying skin.
The investigations and treatment have been reviewed in
the presented report.
Conclusions Mycobacterial infection must always
be considered as a possible differential diagnosis when
treating patients with such swellings refractory to normal
antibiotic regimes. Tuberculosis normally presents
as a cold abscess but this may not always be the case.

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