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Gastroenterologie 21. Dezember 2015

The role of platelets and portal venous pressure fluctuations in postoperative liver regeneration

Background: The most relevant factor predicting morbidity and mortality after liver resection is the ability of the remnant liver to regenerate. In line with extensive experimental research, we were recently able to demonstrate that serotonin and thrombospondin-1, two factors abundantly stored in platelets, are closely associated with liver regeneration of patients after liver resection.

Methods: Within this review, we summarized existing evidence regarding the relevance of platelets in liver regeneration.

Results: We illustrated a potential interaction of platelet activation and its relation to portal venous pressure during the process of liver regeneration.

Conclusions: We are able to explore possible effects of specific granule release as a key regulator to allow for platelet-induced liver regeneration. As a second objective, we discussed postoperative portal venous pressure as a potential mechanism and initiating effect in postoperative platelet activation during liver regeneration which may offer new therapeutic targets to promote postoperative liver regeneration.

P. Starlinger, A. Assinger, T. Gruenberger, C. Brostjan, European Surgery 6/2015

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