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Innere Medizin 1. September 2015

Intensive ultrasound treatment in acute calcific periarthritis of the wrist: a case report

Dear editors,

Acute calcific periarthritis of the wrist (ACP) is very often misdiagnosed because of its rare occurrence and its resemblance to other clinical entities. Treatment options include the use of anti-inflammatory medications and splints.

The participant gave an informed consent prior to his inclusion in the study. In this case report, a 40-year-old male patient presented with a painful swelling of the left wrist joint (pain at rest: visual analogue scale/VAS = 60 mm; pain during movement: VAS = 90 mm). During clinical examination, maximal pain could be provoked in the radio-palmar area and passive radial duction of the wrist increased it to maximal values (VAS = 100 mm). Furthermore, passive and active range of motion of the wrist was maximal reduced. History revealed the patient to be a computer worker with working times up to 72 h and car driving up to 1000 km a week. The described clinical signs of massive acute pain and swelling appeared acutely after an episode of intensive use of a computer console. The constant use of the wheel during car driving provided an additional irritating stimulus to the wrist joint of this patient.

OA Univ. Lekt. Dr. Mohammad Keilani, Univ. Prof. Dr. Georg Stummvoll, Univ. Prof. Dr. Franz Kainberger, Dr. Stefano Palma, Dr. Fadime Cenik, Univ. Prof. Dr. Richard Crevenna, Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 15/16/2015

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