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Gardner syndrome

Gardner syndrome is a hereditary autosomal dominant disorder with complete penetrance and variable expression. The Gardner syndrome is characterized by polyposis coli and multiple hard and soft tissue tumors. A case of a 34-year-old female is presented who complained of swellings on the lower third of the face on the right side. The patient presented with the original triad of Gardner syndrome, i.e. multiple osteomas, intestinal polyps and sebaceous cysts. On the panoramic X-ray, characteristic radiopaque lesions (exostoses and enostoses) of the right body of the mandible were seen and small osteomas were also seen on radiographs of the long bones of the forearm.

D. S. Gupta, Arun K. Goyal, P. N. Tandon, Sunit K. Jurel, Shilpi Srivastava, Uday R. Dangi, international journal of stomatology & occlusion medicine 2/2011

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