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HNO 20. September 2017

Does BMI affect the detection of sentinel lymph nodes with indocyanine green in early breast cancer patients?


Sentinel node biopsy (SNB) has proved to be a useful and safe method for axillary staging in the surgical management of early breast cancer. Sentinel node (SN) detection rates with blue dye (patent blue) and radioisotopes (99m-Tc), either alone or particularly in combination, are high (95% to 100%). Even better detection rates were reported with fluorescent dyes like indocyanine green (ICG). This study was designed to show whether sentinel node detection and mapping of lymphatics with ICG might depend on the body mass index (BMI).

Dr. Stephanie Rauch, Anton Haid, Zerina Jasarevic, Christoph Saely, Alexander Becherer, Etienne Wenzl, European Surgery 4/2017

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