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HNO 11. Februar 2016

Traumatic discitis due to pharyngeal needle aspiration

Infections of the retropharyngeal area occur between the posterior pharyngeal wall and the anterior surface of the cervical vertebrae and cause retropharyngeal cellulitis and abscesses. Infections in these areas can lead to life-threatening complications by causing damage in important neighboring anatomical structures. Deep neck infections are more common in children and usually occur as a complication of lymphadenitis. Less frequently, penetrating traumas or the spread of suppurative infections in neighboring anatomical structures can also lead to the development of infections.

Elif Aktas, Burcu Sahin, Assoc. Prof. Nazan Ciledag, Assoc. Prof. Niyazi Kemal Arda, Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 1/2/2016

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