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Systematic approach to long standing pleomorphic adenoma of the upper lip

Pleomorphic adenoma is a benign tumor commonly involving the salivary glands and mainly the parotid gland. It affects the minor salivary glands with the palate being the most common site of occurrence. The involvement of the upper lip is considered rare with very few reports in the literature. Clinically it is a painless, non-erythematous, firm and slowly growing tumor. Microscopically it has a biphasic microscopic appearance with mixed epithelial and stromal components. Although it is benign the rate of malignant transformation is reported as being up to 4 % in long standing cases. The incidence of this tumor has been reported in various gender, ethnic and geographic groups. With the recent reports of the increase in the variations of location and the biological nature of the tumor the need for extensive research is more demanding. This case report presents a systematic approach to long standing pleomorphic adenoma affecting the upper lip.

Irfan Mohammed, Abir Hussein M Saghali, Saravanan Ramasamy, Abdurahman Musbah Elmezwghi, international journal of stomatology & occlusion medicine 2/2014

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