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Asymptomatic large sialolith of Wharton's duct: a case report

Sialoliths are responsible for the obstruction of the secretion of saliva. They are rarely larger than 15 mm. More than 80% of the salivary gland calculi appear in the submandibular gland, but they can also be located in the glandular parenchyma and more frequently in the excretory duct. We report an asymptomatic large sialolith case in Wharton's duct of a 58-year-old man and its diagnostic imaging, surgical management and outcomes. For these reasons, we considered useful to report our case in the managing of a sialolith 35 mm in length and weighing 6.45 g located inside Wharton's duct and his treatment was by transoral sialolithotomy with preservation of the submandibular gland.

G. O. Silva-Junior, B. L. S. Picciani, V. M. Andrade, R. T. Ramos, M. H. Cantisano, international journal of stomatology & occlusion medicine 4/2010

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