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A standardized procedure to record human speech trajectories

Speech means a strong challenge to the temporo-mandibular joint, the teeth and all of the tissues within the masticatory organ. The differences seen among the three divisions of Angle's classification are occurring as expected. Different languages have their significant sounds and inhibit a serious comparison of condylographic tracings, as far as speech is concerned. There is a need for a standardized approach. Proper pronunciation and the use of the same sounds (phonemes) will lead us to be able to watch speech recordings free from the borders of languages. Maybe one day we can suggest training of certain sounds (consonants or vowels) in the cases of TMJ-problems. Not only nutrition, but also load of the temporo-mandibular joint especially the disc, is watchable, good or bad for the masticatory system. The rails of excursion and incursion of protrusive-retrusive movement are used; avoiding patterns seem to be simply ignored. Most of all some consonants seem to give positive pressure to the joint in the direction up- and forward (Sur-Protrusion).

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