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Clinical application of electromyography in patients with myofascial pain syndrome: a case report

The aim of this case report is to give comprehensive information on the clinical use of surface electromyography in clinical practice during diagnostics and treatment. A 23-year-old female patient is presented with complaints of fatigue and pain in chewing muscles with deterioration of the symptoms after mastication. In addition, discomfort while clenching, sleeping disorders and headaches are reported by the patient. Surface electromyography is performed, using the following parameters: bilateral symmetry coefficient for temporalis muscles; bilateral symmetry coefficient for masseter muscles; lateral mandible displacement index; bilateral symmetry coefficient for sternocleidomastoideus muscles; sternocleidomastoideus muscles functional activity coefficient; impact potential of examined muscles. The parameters are used not only in diagnostics, but also in evaluating the treatment progress. It can be concluded application of EMG in clinical practice is useful in the situations such as screening for functional activity of chewing muscles disorders, development of evidence-based treatment protocols and diagnosis of combined dental and neurological pathology.

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