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Increase in vertical dimension and maxillo-mandibular growth in a longitudinal growth sample

INTRODUCTION: The relationship between the increase in vertical dimension (VD) and growth of the maxilla and mandible is poorly established. In order to examine the relationship between VD change and growth of the maxillo-facial complex, we measured the vertical dental and skeletal heights, and maxillo-mandibular growth.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study material consisted of serial lateral cephalograms of 25 subjects in whom the cephalographic series was complete, taken every year from the age of 6–14 years along with radiographs and impressions. We examined growth in different stages, Stage 1 through 4.

RESULTS: The correlation analysis between the increase in dental and skeletal VD and the forward growth of maxilla and mandible showed that the growth of maxilla and mandible was significantly correlated with the increase in skeletal VD (S-PP) as well as dental VD. The mandibular growth in the Class III group was highly correlated with the increase in dental VD.

CONCLUSIONS: From these findings, it was concluded that maxillo-mandibular growth is strongly related to VD.

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