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Three-dimensional CT analysis of vomer bone in the architecture of craniofacial structures in caucasic human skulls

INTRODUCTION: The craniofacial architecture is the result of a very complex interrelation. The nasal septum and specially vomer bone, because of its strategic spatial location between the cranial base and the mid-face, influence the growth of this area of the facial skeleton, thus playing a major role in the organization of the craniofacial architecture. The purpose was to analyze the influence of vomer bone on the morphology of the craniofacial architecture, evaluate its correlation with different structures, and compare the spatial position and dimensions between dentoskeletal frames.

METHOD: 3D cephalometric measurements were analyzed and correlated in 302 digitally reconstructed skulls by 3D CBCT of a caucasic European adult population.

RESULTS: Changes in the inclination and the dimensions of vomer bone were strongly correlated with other craniofacial structures. There were significant variations in vomer bone between the different dentoskeletal frames.

CONCLUSIONS: Vomer bone seems to play an important role in the interrelation of the craniofacial architecture.

Cristian Basili, Takero Otsuka, Mitsuyoshi Kubota, Rudolf Slavicek, Sadao Sato, international journal of stomatology & occlusion medicine 4/2009

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