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Chirurgie 26. September 2016

Tuff, tailored and tiny: under the skies of surgery

Dear reader,

excitement fulfills these very lines, as they are scrolled down by your beautiful, sensitive, orange skin encircled, computer tablet cell phone television screen tested eyes. The eyes and the brain seem to get stuck within the web for many. Principles of oncology frequently claim: Outbalance the benefits. Calculate the side effects. Previously, when long-haired men meticulously searched for the dark side of the moon, one loved to stare into the multi-colored deep and endless oceans of a girl and a boy. Who came into shine after the sun? Did eyes stop to teach a lesson today? Watch out! Physicians know: eyes sing about health, faith and disease, histories and off-stage memories. Those hands are touching. Touching they are, verily. Legacies are imprinted on the stars, stone and our phantasy. May the pair of your eyes continue to stare, mingle, echo and shine.

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