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Chirurgie 26. April 2016

Surgical science publishes: “σωζειν τα ϕαινομενα”

Dear reader,

Ask yourself and you will agree: whatever you do with love in your eyes turns out to be fun, enjoyment, happiness andmostly provides success (Fundo). As such, motivation is the most important energy for a productive and satisfied life. Positive vibrations may indeed translate into scientific publication and there is no need to waste time and space reasoning about a work/life balance, since such motivated work fosters joy and balance.

This issue of European Surgery spans out a brilliant and knowledge-fostering spectrum of publications dealing with minimally invasive, colorectal, experimental, transplant, and vascular surgery. The authors are to be congratulated on communicating their work to the readers of European Surgery. May this motivate others to do the same. May the readers find the works to contribute to improvement of their surgical quality and expertise. Here comes the matter of fact approach.

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