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Chirurgie 10. November 2015

Surgery, limos and shine keep things going

Dear reader,

Well come to this issue of European Surgery offering you an interesting possibility. Due to a very mute change and a remote chance you find time and space to go through those individual lines. And as you do so you may imagine a basic spectrum of so called matter of facts: a surgeon sees a patient and is, a surgeon communicates with the nursing and technical personal and is, a surgeon gives a talk and is, a surgeon raises his head smiles to the sun and is, a surgeon defines a diagnosis and therapy and is, a surgeon manages an acute abdomen and is, a surgeon plans a surgery and is, a surgeon talks about work–life balance and is, a surgeon offers a novel multi-disciplinary treatment algorithm of life style-induced benign and malignant disorders and is, a surgeon puts on her new elegant shoes and is, a highly dedicated surgeon oncologist hides behind a mask and is, a surgeon gets tired and is, a surgeon wishes to have a family and is, an academic surgeon wants to be important, publishes and is. Somewhere out there in the theatron of the Medical University Vienna (MUW), a brave surgeon certainly commonly calculates (CCC) a logistic regression model analysis and “is” (p < 0.001). At famous Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, another twisted and well-trained high volume surgeon steps out of his desk and shouts into question: “show me your data!”, and “is”. At the University Clinic of surgery at the Medical University Innsbruck, a surgeon admires her mountain and is. She knows that she will hike up there soon and is. The clock strikes tower to Puntigam, and a surgeon at the Medical University Graz wants more influence and is. She will get her position, will impair burn out without burn and is. At Salzburg Private Medical University para excelcis a surgeon offers Mozart piano lessons and is. This aims to increase her income and is.

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