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Chirurgie 6. Mai 2015

Light frames the shadow: surgical teaching and education in 2015

Dear reader,

Within the continuous process of acquisition of knowledge, the academic life aims to outbalance teaching, education, research, and clinical practice. Academic politics serve to provide the necessary logistic platform and organization to meet the requirements of the modern university. As both science and politics are orchestrated by the large diametral spectrum of personalities involved, reasoning, and definition of success is largely colored by human being characteristics of so-called ego-driven social behavior. These wonderful spectra of the rainbow experience involve self-esteem, power gain goiter game googling gambling, greed need feed, soil seed sampler, and hate harbors humanity. All wants more. Therefore, it is all as we make it: positive and/or negative. Sky moves the clouds. Sun shines, reflection shades. Here we clearly sense the positive art of medicine, the positive art of diagnosis and therapy, the positive art of surgery, the positive art for sensing the essence of a disease, and considering the essence the modern artist designs the management of disease.

Let me draw your attention on the present issue of European Surgery. Going in line with the fascinating modern developments this issue of European Surgery draws YOUR attention on an outstanding aspect of novel medicine. The team around the well-known and highly reputed Prof. Reinhold Kafka-Ritsch from the Medical University Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria composed a fascinating symphony of articles on modern approach in surgery [ 1 – 6 ]. Including novel technologies, surgical techniques and treatment modalities the concept of fast track surgery is outlined and well presented. I hope that you also share my enthusiasm for the articles [ 1 – 6 ]. In addition this issue contains articles on special topics on laparoscopic and open colorectal surgery [ 7 , 8 ]. Remains to be questioned if the understanding of the essence of a given disease may foster the development of better treatment?

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