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Chirurgie 22. Dezember 2014

Surgery today: smile clears the tide

Dear reader,

Reading those lines you are allowed to bypass your boss, become important and download yourself and come into existence. Welcome. Everybody has a boss. Even a dean, minister, king, pope, head of an institution and president has to report his/her data to a boss (woman, man). Nothing appears as absence at the cost of perception. The others are the cowards, not you. The others are the hypocrites, not you. The others are full of hunger, greed, envy and hate, not you. The others want to have power and influence, not you. The others want to be important and present in the public, not you. The others misuse power networks for their benefit, not you. One word only harbors the power and clarity to cover and express the entire spectrum of human behaviour. The others are the egoists, not you. The others hide behind the materialistic glitter of their possessions, not you. The others invent excuses and alibi, not you. The others do not take the responsibility for their actions, not you. The others pretend to be perfect, excellent, invincible and durable, not you. The others claim guidelines, justice and ethics, not you. The others hide behind political, religious, atheistic clubs, parties and societies to justify their action and dilute their responsibility, not you. The others neglect the essence, not you. While you are performing surgery and medical care with honest love in your eyes, the others are, not you.

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