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Chirurgie 9. Dezember 2014

Surgery today: How to keep the golden mean within our academy?

Dear Reader,

It would be great if you could find time to read these considerations, which are at least in part suggested to be within your focus of interest. If not, feel free to skip it and enjoy reading the papers of European Surgery’s present issue. Maybe you will find the mood, space, and time to return to it later.

Going in line with the current developments regarding the management, the personal and ideological adjustment within the Central European Surgical Academy, it may be allowed to question the reason for these essential changes. Modern surgery became minimally invasive, has to keep up with “novel” life style diseases (obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.), and needs to incorporate an adequate structural and logistic basis including teaching, education (common trunk, specialization), and patient care to adequately meet the requirements of our time. In addition, we have to consider the personality, mind set, and motivation of the employees doing the job. Taken down to the common ground this may translate into the manifestation of four major and prominent economy-driven archaic human qualities. These qualities are streaming out, over and through the human mankind following transient, permanent, pulsatile, fast, slow, or immediate velocity speed waves of appearances and vanish to explicitly and fundamentally cover and hide the essence of the “once upon a time theme”: What lies beyond the nature of perception?

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