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Chirurgie 12. September 2014

Poor sensitivity of 99mTc-labeled ubiquicidin scintigraphy in diagnosis of acute appendicitis

Background: Ubiquicidin 29–41 (UBI) is an antimicrobial peptide.

Methods: In total eight men and two women with high probability of acute appendicitis were serially imaged for up to 30 min after the intravenous administration of 370 MBq of 99mTc-UBI, before surgical exploration

Results: The scan showed mild to moderate increased uptake in the right lower quadrant in six patients. Quantitative analysis failed to show any difference between suppurative and gangrenous appendicitis.

Conclusion: 99mTc-UBI scintigraphy has 20 % sensitivity for diagnosis of acute appendicitis.

M. Kahrom, M. Mehrabi Bahar, A. Jangjoo, M. Erfani, R. Sadeghi, Prof. S. R. Zakavi, European Surgery 4/2014

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