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Chirurgie 3. Mai 2014

Esophageal schwannoma: report of a case and review of the literature

Background: Esophageal schwannomas are very rarely seen neurogenic tumors and constitute less than 2 % of all esophageal tumors. The current study reports a case of benign esophageal schwannoma and re-evaluates esophageal schwannomas including our case with the other 42 cases in the literature.

Methods: A 61-year-old female patient was referred to our clinic with the complaints of dysphagia and a weight loss. In her upper gastrointestinal system endoscopy, a 20–25-cm submucosal lesion was seen, which compressed the esophagus from outside. On computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of the thorax, a mass lesion was detected at the posterior mediastinum. After a preoperative detailed evaluation, a right posterolateral thoracotomy was performed. The mass was excised with the enucleation technique. The diagnosis of benign esophageal schwannoma was made with immunohistochemical examination.

Results: Postoperative period was uneventful.

Conclusions: Generally, the prognosis of esophageal schwannomas is excellent. Complete removal of the mass producing a negative surgical margin, and in malignant cases, excision of the regional lymph nodes, should be essential for long-term disease-free survival.

K. Dalcı, O. Yalav, A. Rencuzogulları, I. C. Eray, Prof. C. Ozcelik, Prof. F. Doran, European Surgery 2/2014

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