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Chirurgie 18. Februar 2014

Anatomical–coloproctological skills lab

Background: Profound anatomical knowledge is mandatory for coloproctologists. We established a training concept for young surgeons consisting of an anatomical and surgical skills lab as part of a coloproctological training course. The aim is to apply anatomical skills to surgical approaches within a training curriculum, and to offer workstations for implementing new techniques in coloproctology.

Methods: The 2-day training course comprises a gross anatomy course using preserved pelvic specimens for compartmental dissection of the pelvic floor. Lectures on embryological development and systematic and topographical anatomy of the pelvic floor precede the hands-on training in the wet lab. On day 2, the participants are trained in specific coloproctological techniques at four dummy workstations in a step-by-step approach by experienced coloproctologists.

Results: The participants benefit from the direct application of their anatomical skills to specific surgical questions.

Conclusions: Skills labs support surgical training concepts and are proposed to be integrated in postdoctoral educational curricula. Anatomical basics are mandatory for coloproctological approaches and implementing new techniques into clinical routine. Proper mentorship is the foundation for training quality surgeons.

F. Aigner, T. Resch, R. Oberhuber, I. Kronberger, R. Hörmann, H. Fritsch, J. Pratschke, M. Oberwalder, European Surgery 1/2014

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