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Chirurgie 24. Oktober 2013

Surgery cares about models

Dear readers,

Imagine you open your novel download application on your beautiful, well-designed, high-tech, colorful, multisemiotic, pluripotent, panperi-idiopathic, perpendicular, brilliant, auto and hetero-aggressive, fantastic communicator cell phone and start to read the text of the following fundamental follow-up file: the legacy sounds for the sponge in search.

The logos is the lay back now perception feeling. Beach sand in the city. Water wave full miller. Pleb the web. Bag the rag. Chester the chest. X-ray free bay. Read to seed. Amazon glitters the book shell. Sensing the now through your mood happens as being. In order to achieve a better imagination, your senses order the perceived impressions in the form of models. This is creation. Evolution is a working model and does not contribute to make things easier. ...

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