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Chirurgie 29. April 2013

For how many times can a partially absorbable monofilament mesh be sterilized? In vitro experimental study

Background: We investigated the effects of hydrogen peroxide gas plasma resterilization (HPS) on partially absorbable monofilament meshes in terms of their mechanical properties and risk of infection.

Methods: A mesh was divided into small pieces which were categorized as HPS-1, HPS-2 and HPS-3 according to the number of HPS. To assess the strength of specimens, maximum load, elongation at maximum load and quantity of energy required for complete failure of the specimens were measured. Microbiological and ultrastructural analyses were also performed.

Results: There was not a significant relationship between control and HPS-1, HPS-2 groups in terms of maximum load and quantity of energy required for complete failure of the specimens. However, those parameters were statistically different between HPS-3 and control groups. We observed minor morphological changes in the HPS-3 group when compared to those of the control group. No risk of infection was detected by microbiological tests.

Conclusion: It is advisable to apply HPS to partially absorbable monofilament meshes no more than twice since sterilization for three times leads to degeneration in mesh structure and strength.

O. V. Ozkan, A. Aydogan, S. Akkucuk, M. Aydin, E. Nacar, B. Ozer, S. Mistikoglu, I. Yetim, A. Gokce, European Surgery 2/2013

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