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Chirurgie 1. Jänner 2012

Laparoscopic total gastrectomy in gastric cancer*

BACKGROUND: The aim of this retrospective study was to investigate the feasibility and safety of laparoscopic total gastrectomy in gastric cancer. METHODS: From 01/2008 to 09/2011 laparoscopic total gastrectomy was performed in 11 patients with gastric carcinoma. RESULTS: All patients had histopathologically diagnosed gastric cancer according to UICC-TNM classification: pT1 (n = 2), pT2 (n = 3), pT3 (n = 3), pT4 (n = 2), one case without histopathological malignancy in the postoperative specimen. Mean age was 69 years, mean BMI 25 and the average tumour size was 4.6 (1–10) cm. In every case R0-resection could be obtained, the amount of resected lymph nodes (25 mean) was oncologically reasonable. Conversion to open surgery was performed in two patients. Operation time was long compared to experiences in open surgery, 374 (290–465) min. There was no mortality and complication rate was acceptable. Postoperative stay was 18 days mean. CONCLUSIONS: Based on our experience laparoscopic total gastrectomy is a feasible option for treating gastric carcinomas. R0-resection in all cases and the amount of resected lymph nodes demonstrate adherence to oncologic principles.

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