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Chirurgie 13. Oktober 2011

Laparoscopic liver resection – a substantial progress towards multimodal treatment of metastases

Multidisciplinary strategies are commonly used to treat liver metastases of various origins, especially colorectal cancer. Progress in surgical techniques and the use of appropriate devices have opened the fields for a laparoscopic approach to increasingly complex procedures, like liver resection. Patients benefit from shorter hospital stay, less postoperative pain, reduced postoperative morbidity and better cosmetic results. According to a meta-analysis, delaying initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy after curative surgery for stage III colorectal cancer was associated with a statistically significant decrease in overall survival. It is tempting to assume that these results may be assignable to metastatic disease. Therefore, laparoscopic liver resection offers a substantial contribution to multimodal treatment of liver metastases.

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