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Behind and beyond surgery


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Welcome to this issue of _European Surgery_, which includes a fascinating spectrum of papers. Outstanding groups of authors report on the surgery of inflammatory bowel disease of the colon, perioperative nutritional management before bariatric surgery, oxidative stress and angiogenesis during primary hyperparathyroidism, the impact of combined carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and fecal occult blood test for early cancer detection, the outcome after caudate resection for liver tumors and the role of ultrasound examination after kidney transplantation. [...]

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Impact of ultrasound examination shortly after kidney transplantation

06/2017 Background

Ultrasound is routinely performed at our transplant unit within the first 48 h of kidney transplantation (KTX). The objective of this study was to evaluate the association of ultrasound results and, in particular, elevated resistance indices (RIs) with the occurrence of surgical complications and allograft outcomes. [...]

Caudate resection for primary and metastatic liver tumors

06/2017 Background

Surgical procedures involving the caudate lobe of the liver are characterized as the most demanding operations in liver surgery.


Liver resections including the caudate lobe performed at our institution by one senior hepatobiliary surgeon in a 2-year period were reviewed for the purposes of this study. [...]

Laparoscopic appendectomy using only two 5 mm trocars

06/2017 Background

Laparoscopic appendectomy is now the standard and most surgeons use two 5 mm and one 10–12 mm port; the latter placed into the umbilicus. Various attempts have been made to reduce the number and sizes of ports for this procedure. [...]

Fecal occult blood test/fecal carcinoembriogenic antigen dual rapid test as a useful tool for colorectal cancer screening

06/2017 Background

There are several screening tools for colorectal cancer (CRC). Most are limited in their application. The fecal occult blood test (FOBT) is a first-step screen for CRC that is limited by low [...]

Preoperative nutritional counseling versus standard care prior to bariatric surgery

06/2017 Background

Little is known about the effect of preoperative nutritional counseling on operative outcomes of bariatric surgery.


To identify and evaluate the effect of nutritional counseling on perioperative morbidity and postoperative weight loss. [...]

Traumschiff im Reality-Check

05/2017 Expertenbericht.Eine Schiffskreuzfahrt bietet alles was das Herz begehrt, sogar ein Bordhospital. Nach einem Schlaganfall oder einem Herzinfarkt eines Passagiers stößt allerdings selbst der bestausgestattete Schiffsarzt an seine Grenzen. [...]

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