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Minimally invasive sublay mesh repair of incisional and primary abdominal wall hernias using the MILOS technique

03/2017 Introduction: Primary ventral and incisional hernia repair is a routine operation in general surgery. The most widely used techniques, however, have some disadvantages and risks. In order to minimize complications and postoperative pain, we developed the endoscopically assisted mini and less open sublay (MILOS) operation. [...]

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Behind and beyond surgery

03/2017 Part I: A world for happy times

Dear reader,

Welcome to this issue of _European Surgery,_ including a colorful rainbow of novel and highly motivating innovations in surgery. The well-known Viennese surgeon Rene H. [...]

Endoscopic-assisted linea alba reconstruction

03/2017 New technique for treatment of symptomatic umbilical, trocar, and/or epigastric hernias with concomitant rectus abdominis diastasis

Background: Patients with symptomatic umbilical, trocar, and/or epigastric hernias and concomitant rectus abdominis diastasis represent a growing clinical problem. [...]

Endoscopic mini/less open sublay operation for treatment of primary and secondary ventral hernias of the abdominal wall

03/2017 Background: Primary and secondary ventral hernias of the abdominal wall are very common conditions; however, the ideal operative treatment has not been found yet.

Methods: In the traditional open sublay technique, a large trauma to the abdominal wall must be accepted, which carries a high risk of infection, while the laparoscopic intraperitoneal onlay mesh (IPOM) technique is burdened with the need for special and expensive meshes and fixation devices as well. [...]

Mesh technologies and challenges in modern hernia surgery and abdominal wall repair

03/2017 Hernia surgery is a rapidly evolving field, characterized by an abundance of mesh and fixation materials. This article aims at providing an overview of the most recent and urgent developments in mesh and scaffold technologies. [...]

What are the needs for education in hernia surgery for the future?

03/2017 Introduction: Hernia surgery has undergone rapid development in the past decades. The ever greater array of surgical techniques and materials together with the demand for individualized treatment concepts thus present a special challenge not only to qualified surgeons but also when devising education programs for trainee surgeons. [...]


03/2017 It is a privilege and honor to present the current issue of _European Surgery_ at the ESH meeting in Vienna, which is full of highlights regarding state-of-the-art hernia surgery. The articles included reflect on the most discussed topics in the hernia field and represent an ideal complement to the sessions at the Vienna EHS congress. [...]

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