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Augenheilkunde 13. November 2013

Use of hypertonic glucose in the surgery of uncontrolled acute angle-closure combined with cataract

We describe the use of hypertonic glucose to lessen the corneal edema resulting from persistent high intraocular pressure (IOP) in acute primary angle-closure (APAC) patients’ cataract surgery. Some patients are unresponsive to the antiglaucoma drugs, and the persistent high IOP make the corneal edema severe, which make it impossible to perform laser iridotomy or phacoemulsification directly. We perform a temporal incision on the transparent cornea and use the gossypium asepticum with 50 % hypertonic glucose over the cornea for 5 min in the surgery; the corneal edema alleviates as a result, and the cornea is clear enough to perform the surgery. The technique has been used in five cases and made the surgeries implement easier.

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