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Allgemeinmedizin 22. Februar 2006

EDF White Book, Skin Diseases in Europe

Peter Fritsch, Walter Burgsdorf (Eds.)
ISBN 3-936072-41-8
ABW Wissenschaftsverlag, 220 Seiten, 2. Auflage 2005

What is spezial about skin diseases? Why should you care about them? Why are skin cancer and chronic skin diseases important to European society? What is a White Book?

Are skin diseases in Europe in any way different from those elsewhere in the world? Have skin diseases anything to do with sexual activities or AIDS? Why are there differences in the way dermatology is practiced throughout Europe ?

What do dermatologists do? Why are dermatologists so proud of their profession? What have they accomplished? What do we need them for? What do they have to do with beauticians and sosmetologists?

Why should anyone want to know the state of affairs in dermatology in all European countries? Who is interested in the addresses and homepages and statistics of European dermatological societies?

Who should care about the problems and the future of dermatology and skin care? What role can dermatology play in present and future health systems in Europe ?

If you are interested in any of these or similar questions, read this White Book.

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