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Allgemeinmedizin 12. April 2016

Professional internet information source used as educational resource for patients with insulin-treated diabetes in the Czech Republic: a 5-year analysis of operations

Dear editor,

The internet is a modern tool for information dissemination. Its contemporary use and efficacy in the systematic, guided education of smaller groups of diabetes patients is well-known, and data is available for internet usage among various target groups. In 2001, Zrebiec et al. evaluated patient use of an educational and interactive English-language internet resource and reported 47,365 user visits over the course of 21 months. The site was visited by users from 59 countries, with 70 % of visitors from the USA. However, no current data is available regarding how intensively professional internet information resources for diabetes patients are used, and no such data is available from non-English speaking countries at all.

In November 2008, a specialized Czech-language internet portal (www.diacentrum.czhttp://www.diacentrum.cz" TargetType="URL"/>) was established in the Czech Republic. Created and reviewed by experienced diabetologists and diabetes educators, the website provides comprehensive information for insulin-treated diabetes patients. It contains 192 pages pertaining to the condition, its treatment, certified nutrition information, and video tutorials that demonstrate proper use of insulin pens and glucometers.

Jan Brož, Marek Brabec, Klára Brožová, Ivana Cibulková, Denisa Žďárská, Daniela Hartmann, Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 3/4/2016

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