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Allgemeinmedizin 18. Jänner 2016

HUIEC, Human intestinal epithelial cell line with differentiated properties: process of isolation and characterisation

The intestinal epithelium is composed of diverse cell types, most abundant being the enterocytes. Among other functions, they maintain the intestinal barrier and play a critical role in the absorption of nutrients, drugs and toxins. This study describes the development and characterization of human intestinal epithelial cells (HUIEC), a spontaneously arising cell line established by selective trypsinization and cloning of the intestinal epithelium, resulting in a uniform population of highly epithelial cells with a strong growth potential.

Lidija Gradisnik, Martin Trapecar, Marjan Rupnik, Tomaz Velnar, Wiener klinische Wochenschrift S5/2015

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